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Do not order any coffee or tea online from Seattle Coffee Direct! I was overcharged, lied to, and now ignored! After signing up for 2X/month orders of coffee, I received 17 orders at $38.95 each in about a months time.

When I was FINALLY able to speak to someone at SCD they assured me I would receive a prompt refund as soon I returned the coffee. Well, that was the first lie! The nightmare's been 6 months and no refund, no return phone calls, and only 1 phone number!

The bank which issued my credit card (Chase) has also been no help. The dispute department has told lie after lie, lost vital information that they needed to resolve this problem, and has charged me over $1000 in fees and charges due to the deficit my checking account experienced from the rapid over-shipment of coffee. Chase has chosen to believe SCD and not a good customer for many years.

Seattle Coffee Direct is in Evanston, IL and operates along with many other online companies under the name Peel, Inc. They have a BBB rating of an "F". Do NOT deal with this company...or Chase Bank, for that matter!

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